About SoCal Design - General Contractor

Quality of Design

SoCal Design strives to create innovative, elegant, and highly functional designs. We reach beyond elementary remodel and repair, creating both highly and completely customized spaces that are effectively and harmoniously suited to your personal lifestyle.

Proving you with the highest quality of service is our number one priority and this is what has made us the Antelope Valley's best choice for general contracting services.

We reject the temptation of inexpensive and low-quality materials that many contractors fall prey to. Instead we utilize only the best materials, understanding that designs are only as good as the materials from which they’re constructed.

We understand that not only is the quality of materials crucial, but the manner in which those materials interact with one-another is of the utmost importance.

Elegant and functional designs are realized through a close attention to the way in which textures, materials, and colors coalesce to create a flowing and seamless space. Through expert design and materials of the utmost quality, SoCal Design strives to create that seamless space you can enjoy for years to come.

Quality of Business

Unlike other designers and contractors, SoCal Design’s in-house construction team minimizes the amount of work executed by sub-contractors, thereby maintaining the high level of quality and integrity that comes from years of experience. We thoroughly understand that the successful construction or remodeling project is reliant upon effective, consistent, and continual communication.

At SoCal Design, we work with our clients at every stage so even substantial and complex projects are broken down into clear, manageable decisions, guided by the client’s vision and SoCal’s time-tested expertise.

Above all, SoCal Design represents the highest quality design and construction experience that can be found in Palmdale and Lancaster, CA. Whether you’re interested in incorporating the latest designs into your home or starting from the scratch with a completely original design, SoCal Design exercises the highest level of quality craftsmanship with a meticulous attention to detail to bring even the most sophisticated designs to life.

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My husband and I want to thank you for the fabulous kitchen renovation. It's such a joy to live and cook in!