How to Choose the Right General Contractor?

Hiring the perfect general contractor for your project can be difficult and can mean the difference between having a positive construction or remodeling experience and having a terrible one. People often forget to take the steps necessary to hire a quality contractor and often fall prey to unprofessional business practices, poor services, and subpar results.

Here are some general tips to help you avoid hiring a contractor that will only cause you pain and frustration.

  1. Check for References
    When considering hiring a general contractor, always look into their past projects. Ask for references and make sure that you contact those references to check for legitimacy. Question the references about their experience with the contractor and if they would recommend their services to others. If possible, request that you see the work completed by the contractor in person.
  2. Check Their Credentials
    Ask the general contractor for proof of their license and insurance coverage. Make sure they have general liability insurance and workman's compensation insurance.
  3. Do Not Rely on Price
    Sometimes it's easier to choose the cheapest bid, however you should always find out why one bid is lower than another. Check their credentials - are they properly insured and licensed? What about the quality of the materials they're using and their workmanship, are they going to provide you with work that is going to last? Don't be afraid to ask why their price is lower than their competitor's price. You'll most likely find that you get what you paid for.
  4. Can They Handle Your Project?
    Make sure that the general contractor has the resources and the team available to complete your project. Do your research and ask questions. Nothing is worse than finding out mid-project that your contractor doesn't have the experience, knowledge, or the expertise to handle the specific needs of your project.

Finally, and most importantly, while choosing a general contractor, make sure that you take your time. Homeowners are often excited to see their visions turned into reality and begin a construction or remodeling project without taking the proper steps first. Take the time to do your research before you hire a general contractor to start working on your home. Get the project done right the first time and avoid headaches and complications in your home's construction or remodeling project.

Need more tips? Feel free to contact SoCal Design to have your questions or concerns addressed.

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